Beyond Braid | Ryan Maya

Ryan Maya is the founder of Beyond Braid. With over 25 years of Fishing experience, Beyond Braid is based out of Miami, Florida. Beyond Braid was born out of the desire to create a better-braided fishing line for every angler. Whether you fish for bass in your backyard lake in Ohio, or tournament fish for Marlin in Costa Rica, the goal is to provide you with a braided fishing line that will succeed for every application. After countless hours of research, development, and years of angling experience, they have improved and constructed a braided line to provide the ultimate strength-to-diameter thickness ratio for smoothness and performance.

Ryan also started Professor Pickleball with the mission to deliver super high-quality Pickleball Paddles at the lowest possible markup. They keep things super lean, and cut out fluff, to deliver you a superior paddle at an amazing price.

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