Tournament Angler | John Holtz

We had the pleasure of interviewing John Holtz. As a social studies teacher with 16 years of experience, John’s love for fishing has been a lifelong passion, dating back to his early years. He grew up with a deep appreciation not only for the sport but also for legendary TV personalities like Jimmy Houston and Bill Dance, who inspired him.

For the past decade, John has dedicated himself to fishing, and his journey has been nothing short of remarkable. He’s had the privilege of experiencing incredible moments, such as being on the front lines for five Bassmaster Classics. His expertise has even earned him a spot in the prestigious Bassmaster Magazine and the unique opportunity to fish the tanks at ICast. Furthermore, he’s taken on the challenge of competing in the Bassmaster Opens, showcasing his skills in various angling competitions.

Join us in this podcast episode as we delve into John’s remarkable fishing career, his experiences, and the invaluable insights he shares with fellow fishing enthusiasts. It’s a conversation that’s sure to inspire and entertain, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting your fishing journey. Be sure to tune in, and don’t forget to subscribe for more thrilling conversations on “Fishing Fanatics.”



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