The Top 5 Fishing companies At The Great American Outdoor Show

The Great American Outdoor Show is one of the largest outdoor exhibitions in the country, featuring a wide range of vendors and exhibitors from the world of hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports. Among the many fishing companies at the show, there were a few standouts that caught my eye. Here are the top five fishing companies at the Great American Outdoor Show:


Rod Bender Fishing Co. is a company that specializes in supplying baits, rods, and merchandise to their customers. They also offer bulk orders and pro-staff opportunities on their website. At the Great American Outdoor Show, the Rod Bender booth was stacked with everything lure an angler could wish for. From Crankbaits to topwater baits, Rod Bender brought the “heat” to the Great American Outdoor Show.

Freaky Frank’s specializes in manufacturing fishing equipment for targeting trout, crappie, bluegill, walleye, sauger, bass, or musky. The Freaky Worm was the highlight of their booth.  Frank makes the 2.5″ soft plastic worm to specifically trigger aggression in fish. They offer the Freaky worm in a wide array of colors that will meet any angler’s needs. Ultimately after talking with the owner over the course of the show, it was clear that he has a passion for fishing and making the highest quality products possible.

Rox Star Fishing was founded by Mike James who was at their booth at the Great American Outdoor Show. Mike has the vision to bring back that old-school quality & service and the highest quality products to the trout fishing industry. Rox Star makes hand-tied flies and inline spinners for trout fishing. He also had his buddy, Woolly the Roaster at the booth. Overall, Mike’s products and personality separated from the other booths at the Great American Outdoor show.

Fish or Die Bait Company is a veteran and LEO owned soft plastic company based right above Allentown Pa.  Fish or Die Bait Company produces a wide range of soft plastics made for small-mouth bass, large-mouth bass, and saltwater. The list includes products including, drop shot baits, shaky heads/ned rig baits, stick bait, and swimbaits. They also offer bundles for your target species of choice. 

Adam's Custom Lures

Adam’s Custom Lures is a company that creates and paints handcrafted fishing lures. Their lures are state-of-the-art and a must-have for any musky enthusiast. Their custom paint jobs range from traditional colors and patterns to more experimental colors and patterns. With a wide range of crank baits and jerk baits, it was easy to spend time and money at Adam’s Custom Lures’s booth.

In conclusion, the Great American Outdoor Show is a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of fishing and outdoor sports. Among the many fishing companies at the show, Rod Bender Fishing Co, Freaky Frank, Rox Star, Fish or Die Bait Company, and Adam’s Custom Lures stood out as some of the top companies to check out. Each of these companies offers high-quality products and a commitment to innovation, making them well worth a visit for any fishing enthusiast.